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Driven by a Dedication to Succeed

Keys Law Group is distinguished and established legal firm that endeavours to legally represent and work on behalf of owners of superior middle-market companies exploring the opportunities and possibilities that may present themselves through the sale, merger or acquisition of their organisation.

Our typical client will own an organisation that generates a turnover between $15 and $250 million per annum. They will insist on their representative possessing higher levels of knowledge, expertise and experience. These are resources that had previously been the preserve of large multinational firms.

For our clients to receive a world-class service, we believe that it is vital to focus on particular aspects of the business, so Keys Law Group concentrate on Mergers and Acquisitions, Middle Markets along with Business Valuations.

Through the experience that we have gained from our years working in the industry, we have acquired access to a comprehensive network of professional and business associates, which, when used in conjunction with our extensive research capabilities, gives us a competitive advantage and reinforces our position as market leaders.

A Global View

The business environment in which all organisations operate, regardless of if they are SMEs or multinationals, is continuously changing and evolving. It is, therefore, necessary to adopt not only a national viewpoint but a global one.

Expert Lawyers

We are firm believers in building the most reliable possible teams. As such, we only engaged the services of the most excellent lawyers and insist that our partners adopt the same standards regardless of where they are in the world.

A Client-Focused Organisation

Keys Law Group has developed a reputation for being a client-focused law firm and appreciate that our clients are our most valuable asset. We acknowledge that for us to be successful, you represent the heart, soul and core of our business.

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Keys Law Group understand that it is essential that those whose services you engage understand you as an individual, your business and the market in which you operate. It is only possible to achieve this by building and developing a close professional relationship that continues to change and evolve.



As a global organisation with clients and partners worldwide, we can meet and address any of your legal requirements regardless of their complexity.



We always prioritise our client's needs and requirements, so we have forged purposeful alliances with some of the world's leading multinationals and conglomerates. As a result of adopting this strategy, we developed a wide and varied network of partners capable of working in a broad range of business sectors.



Achieving excellence is central to every aspect of our business. Keys Law Group believe that things are only worth doing if you do them correctly. We continuously strive to achieve and maintain the highest possible standards, continually overcoming any challenges that may stand in our way.

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We are a united team comprising of entirely client-focused individuals working in partnership with some of the world’s leading organisations, and we continually strive to offer the best advice at all times.

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