We Are

At Keys Law Group, we service our clients on a global level addressing their needs and abiding by the laws in that country. We work in conjunction with our teams and partners concluding deals, protecting intellectual property, including patents and copyrights, as well as representing clients in Asia, Europe, Latin American, North America and the Middle East. The main focus of our work is associated with brand protection, but we also have teams that specialise in multi-company mergers and acquisitions.

We treat all of the clients with equal respect and have teams that concentrate on two-person start-ups as well as those experienced in working alongside Fortune 500 conglomerates. Whatever your legal requirements, you can be confident that Keys Law Group have the knowledge, experience and attributes to effectively looking after your business interests.

Our People

We believe in investing in our teams and the individuals we employ. Each person will offer a wide range of skill sets and experience from a variety of different backgrounds. Each member of our team members has one thing in common that is they are intelligent and have a hunger to develop as an individual through training and learning. Every member of our teams buys into our shared ideology, which creates an extreme strength combined with our existing versatility. Each client will benefit from a broad spectrum of experiences, skills, views and ideas.

Our Leaders

For any organisation to be successful, it must have strong and effective leadership. From the very top, through our board of directors and our management teams, we have a shared belief that we must develop excellence and deliver optimum levels of consistency throughout our service regardless of which country it may be. Our CEO, Kevin Jones, has a hands-on role in everyday operations as well as mentoring anyone that joins Keys Law Group global family.

Our History

Since we first became established back in 1965, we have been striving for advancement, which has led to the development of a strong portfolio with unrivalled success in the field of mergers and acquisitions. The company which you are familiar with today was found over a decade ago and has continued to strengthen its position and establish itself as a global operation, working closely with our partners and associates in over one hundred different countries across all continents.


 We Do

We have a clear focus and acutely defined business model, which is Success Based. Our clients receive a combination of experience, knowledge and strength along with carefully honed negotiating skills which will help to enhance their organisation’s profile, how it presents itself along with helping to define operating structures and improving finances.

In the field of acquisitions, via our considerable network, we can formulate connections and proficiencies which allow us to give quick, precise and pertinent overviews of potential clients including strategic acquirers, private equity firms, venture capitalists and financial buyers.

Included in our comprehensive service, we provide assistance with audits as well as offering tax and advisory services along with financial and accounting knowledge which is fully compliant with relevant international standards due to our world-class understanding, knowledge and experience within the industry. Our priority is always clients’ acquisitions, concentrating on your goals and targets to generate the returns that you envisage and deserve.

Our Philosophy

We have some very firm beliefs, and one of the main points that will hold close to our heart is that for a merger or securing to be successful, the sum of the two parts should be far greater than the value of the two separate parts. We believe that one plus one should be greater than two. Shareholder esteem should always be higher after a merger or acquisition, and this is still our primary goal and objective. The objective is for the strength of the two organisations combined to be considerably stronger than the two separate organisations – this is our rationale behind our philosophy.

We believe that being true to our philosophy is what motivates organisations to come to us. Frequently these are businesses that are underachieving for a variety of reasons. A stronger firm should always offer help, assistance and guidance to a company that may be faltering. It will help to build resilience, force them to become more competitive, which will, inevitably, result in a more cost-effective operation.

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