Our Quality Services

Finances are central to a firm’s success or failure. Keys Law Group have the required skills, knowledge and experience to provide you with all the support that you need. Our teams have experience in the following areas:

  • Company valuations
  • Accounting and tax
  • A full scope of business consulting services

We have sought to build and develop a multi-faceted squad which is capable of transforming your organisation’s finances and maximising your profits by suggesting changes and provisions that enable you to gain a long-term competitive advantage within your industry.

The goal or objective of every organisation is to acquire the trust of the capital markets. Trust is hard to obtain but easy to lose, and an independent audit will help to cement your credibility. Our engagement teams are supplied with all the resources that they need in order to be able to effectively communicate the findings of the audit to a broad base of clients.

Our tax service has been created to provide a bespoke package that reflects and responds to our clients’ diverse requirements. It is something that we adhere to regardless of if we are dealing with cross-border acquisitions, enhancing and assisting with the implementation of a global transfer pricing strategy. We continually work in conjunction with our clients by handling task risks, assisting them with tax compliance and examining ways that they can reduce costs.

Mergers & Acquisitions Services

“The concept of synergy may only exist in the minds of corporate leaders and negotiators.”

Each client is offered a cost valuation that is free of charge before engaging in offering guarantees that will be provided by our Mergers and Acquisitions Group. After this stage, we will conduct a comprehensive analysis and detailed consultation from which we make a selection of suggestions regarding the best way to progress. We will listen carefully to gain a clear understanding of your objectives and your reasoning. From this, we will then assume the role of advisors before becoming collaborators to conduct our part in the proceedings.

For us to be effective, we must adopt a hands-on role from the very beginning. It is something that will save wasting time and expending energy as the process becomes more involved and complicated. Our purpose is to assess problems, address them and then overcome them, ensuring that minor issues don’t escalate. Through our experience, we never guide our clients down routes where the chances of failure are deemed to be too high.

Our approach, beliefs and philosophy have provided us with incredible success across a glut of industrial and commercial sectors. At Keys Law Group, our teams have a plethora of knowledge of middle-market business which dramatically increases our chances of providing the results that we all seek.

Identifying whom we represent is essential so, therefore, we carefully choose owners of the most successful organisations whose primary objective is to achieve substantial growth through the sale or merger with another organisation. It is only possible to achieve this if we garner support along the growth strategy route via an infusion of operational funding or through direct and quantifiable strategic assistance in critical areas.

Accounting & Tax Services

“In the perspective of an accounting, tax, and financial consultant, we know that the key to giving you the best advice and service is to talk and plan with you.”

Let’s Talk

At Keys Law Group, we acknowledge that every client will have their own unique demands and requirements. We don’t offer a “one size fits all” package when it comes to accountancy. Everything we offer is bespoke, and we will take the time to explain the details in a friendly and informative manner. Our extensive knowledge enables us to convey our opinions on current market conditions, factors affecting your industry and what we envisage happening in short, medium and long-term.

At Keys Law Group, we will openly discuss your goals and objectives along with addressing any immediate issue that may be causing concern. We try to keep our initial chats informal but informative and detailed. From the information that we acquire at these meetings, we will be able to develop a plan of action based around your prioritise.

When it comes to accounting, taxation and financial consultation, we are firm believers than to provide the levels of service that you demand we must engage in open, direct and sometimes frank discussion. Our objective is to become one of your vital resources and a trusted ally who is always by your side, addressing a continually changing economic environment. We will amend, adapt and evolve our strategies to meet your needs and objectives throughout the entire process.

We will always put our client’s needs first and prioritise the things that you consider to be the most important. We want to invite you to contact us today. We will let you do the talking as we will listen, taking on board everything you say. After, we can start working together.

Internal Auditing and Associated Services

Keys Law Group has an internal audit service which offers clients various methods for controlling risk, advice on internal policy and, of course, audit services that meet international standards and are specifically designed for business around the world. Keys Law Group has a highly trained, experienced and professional audit team that liaise with Fortune 500 companies, the “Big Four” accounting firms along with giving world-class advice in six critical areas of business.


We offer an extensive range of corporate services addressing all of your business needs. It includes:

  • Working in conjunction with as well as co-sourcing
  • Carrying out COSO surveys
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
  • Offering solutions for geographical gaps or where an organisation may be lacking specific resources
  • Offering professional advice on a range of business topics
  • Offering comprehensive outsourcing services


Keys Law Group can support your management requirements by:

  • Developing audit plans
  • Conducting internal audits to enhance your business
  • Reporting the findings of reviews
  • Offering assistance with the day-to-day management of your organisation


Keys Law Group and our associates have an extensive range of business qualifications which can be utilised by our clients to drive their business forward. For example:

  • We comply with IIA Standards
  • Conducting Risk Assessment for your organisation
  • Offering tailored advice on best practices and achieving the first-class performance


Every company in every industry is exposed to risk to some degree. We can help you to reduce your exposure by:

  • Conduct local risk assessments
  • Conduct risk assessment of your overall enterprise
  • Offering business consulting and continuity advice
  • Conducting full process assessments

Information Technology (IT)

IT in its various guises is essential in any modern business environment. We can help you to introduce IT systems into your organisation and allow it to have the maximum impact in the following ways:

  • Conducting a full IT Audit
  • Introducing application and data centres
  • Utilising security protocols
  • Setting up a network administration
  • Introduce disaster recovery planning


It is vital that you are in control of all the financial aspects of your business. It is something that can easily slide and if left unaddressed, can have a severe impact on your organisation. We can offer assistance by:

  • Conducting regular business reviews
  • Carrying out fraud investigations
  • Creating compliance programs
  • Implementation of corporate governance
  • Introduce cost-saving initiatives and recovery plans

Strategic Management and Valuation Systems

Strategic Management Services

For any firm to achieve its potential, it will depend upon two separate but closely interlinked aspects; the planning of, and the application of strategy. Embracing these aspects is the only way that you can achieve success, and this is something that we can offer assistance.

Failure to adequately plan is one of the main reasons why businesses fail. In a modern business environment, almost every sector is highly competitive and being able to evolve and adapt to continually changing economic settings and shifting your targets and goals is this only way to remain competitive. Taking time out to adequately evaluate your progress and make the necessary changes by setting new objectives is vital.

It is something that most business leaders find challenging, especially in terms of time and resources but making time will help you to achieve success. The organisation must have strong leadership. The leadership must be dedicated to strategic thinking and the correct implementation of business strategies. It is vital when there are limitations on internal resources. Here at Keys Law Group, our strategic management consultants can provide all the help and assistance that you need.

Valuation Services

At Keys Law Group, we have a specialist Valuation Service Division that recognises and appreciates “the art and service” of valuation in conjunction with financial advisory and litigation services. The role of this division is exclusively valuation. Treating this area as a specialism forges an environment whereby the highest levels of technical proficiency can be attained along with maintaining the highest valuation standards in the industry. Our expertise and proven track record make us the ideal firm to carry out your independent valuation.

Our teams offer comprehensive valuation along with financial advisory and litigation support in the following areas:

  • A vast selection of organisations such as partnerships or joint ventures
  • Protecting the owners of intellectual property and intangible assets
  • Determining economic losses and damages
  • Offering independent advice regarding closely-held equity, debt and derivative securities
  • Assessment of machinery and other equipment
  • Valuing of real estate
  • Administering capital cost segregation
  • Compiling fixed asset records

Keys Law Group also has an enviable record of accomplishments in negotiations connected to the following areas of business.

Financial Reporting and Regulatory Compliance

We have brokered deals with the relevant government bodies to ensure that some clients have been allowed to include goodwill and intangible asset impairment (SFAS 142/144). Also, purchase price allocation (SFAS 141), in-process research and development, in-kind contributions, derivative valuations, non-competition covenants and rate-setting have been allowable.

Also, we have negotiated with applicable bodies to guarantee that some clients have been able to carry out Transaction and Financing Analysis.

Further negotiations will need to take place such as including fairness/related party opinions, collateral value and lease financing studies, ESOP valuations, solvency opinions, pricing, buy and sell agreements, pre and post-money valuations and financial advisory services.

Requirements for Management

We always offer our clients all the support they need, and we are prepared to fight to get certain things included in business deals. It has included details about options and restricted securities, intangible assets, economic value-added, business interruption, business plans, corporate governance, real options analysis, financial restricting, insurable value studies and strategic market analysis.

Keys Law Group are firm believers that Litigation Support and Dispute Resolution should be included. It would consist of, antitrust damages, breach of contract or warranty, bankruptcy and reorganisation, defamation, dissenting shareholder rights, fraudulent conveyance, infringement, lender liability, lost profits, malpractice/negligence actions, marital dissolution and product liability.


We address the inclusion of built-in-gain, excessive accumulation of earnings, “S” conversions, executive compensation, purchase price allocation, transfer pricing, capital cost segregation and gift and estate planning.

Specialised Divisions

Previously, Keys Law Group Valuation Division comprised up of a business union of two of the US’ best known and respected organisations, New York Industry Valuation Services and Delaware Valuation Counsellors. The union proved to be a capable body that actively encouraged nationwide cooperation and has now established itself as the country’s leading provider of valuation and advisory corporation with emphasis on trade and tangible asset valuation, monetary advisory and litigation support services.

The Valuation Division is held in high regard for offering an extensive range of services to valued and trusted clients as well as their levels of professionalism, experience and expertise within their chosen field.

Such is our respect in the industry; we are trusted as being one of the leading impartial valuation corporations in the US dealing with complex assignments from many of the largest conglomerates in the country as well as working with core-market businesses. Our levels of service are far superior to those offered by our competitors as we are nationwide, complete service which is proven to be of the highest calibre and critically, extremely price competitive.


Our dedicated team of consultants in our Valuation Division are all allocated to hundreds of assignments each year. It wouldn’t be overstating their value to describe them as gurus in their field, and they continually gain insights into management and administration across a range of diverse and distinct business sectors. Having access to such an incredible source of knowledge and experience means that we can give expert economic advice and valuations for all imaginable industry and business purposes.

The Valuation Division is held in high esteem and, as such, our experts are regularly called upon to testify in notable large commercial, bankruptcy and tax litigation case. They will be required to give testimonies before law courts, deliberate in Internal Revenue Service matters and periodically work in conjunction with lawyers, accountants, lenders and investment bankers. We are regularly asked to help in arbitration, mediation and settlement negotiations.

Professional and Accredited

Over the years, the Valuation Division has proven to be a melting pot for precise, very senior financial valuation professionals (several ex-senior management coming from the so-called “significant 5”) along with leading industry experts and financial consultants from Wall Street. It is this superb blend which plays a massive role in the Division’s unrivalled success which escalates beyond the boardroom and into the courtroom.

Personal development is something that is viewed as a priority within the Division. As a result, each member is actively encouraged to seek personal designations that will challenge them and enhance their capabilities to meet the demands of a diverse range of clients. We are proud of the fact that a number of our consultants have completed or currently in the process of achieving the title of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

We base our parameters on a world body of investment and analytical potential. Besides, we hire Members of the Appraisal Institute (MAI) who are industry leaders in property appraisal. Many of our team are licensed Certified Public Accountants (CPA). In our entirety, with our vast experience and individuals from an array of backgrounds, we can accept valuations from a wide range of industrial sectors.

The Benefit

Our combination of hugely experienced divisions combines to offer clients a team that is capable of formulating a high-level analysis think-tank. A cross-section of skills are carefully honed to deliver a robust negotiating team who excel in negotiating and communicating with all parties. It will include boards of directors, company senior management executives, regulatory authorities such as SEC, IRS and OIG in addition to equity investors, lenders and bondholders, corporate purchasers and sellers, or the legal judiciary.

Regardless of the size of our organisation, we will never stray away from the concept that we need to spend the appropriate amounts of time with every client to understand their needs. From this, we can tailor a bespoke solution that offers practical and efficient representation.

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